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Apply for the LExS 2023/2024 Leiden University Excellence Scholarship (Netherlands)

Netherlands. happy news The Excellence Scholarship at  is open right now. In-depth information regarding this scholarship program, its advantages, and the application procedure will be provided in this article.

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International students may apply for the Leiden University Excellence Scholarship 2023–2024, which is a master's degree scholarship that is tuition-free. This scholarship typically grants recipients €15,000 a year.

International students who want to study for a master's degree at Leiden University in the Netherlands are eligible for the Leiden University Excellence Scholarship. These scholarships are awarded to worthy students and are completely sponsored. 

The funding made available to each faculty department determines how many and what kind of scholarships are given out. Leading worldwide research university in Europe, Leiden University was established in 1575. 

Praesidium Libertatis, which translates to "Bastion of Liberty," is the university's motto. It contains seven faculties in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences located in Leiden and The Hague. The university has 28,130 students and nearly 6,700 employees.

Summarizing the Awards

  • Level of Study: Master's degree 
  • Institution: Leiden University
  • Country: Netherlands

All master's degree programs are available in the following faculties:

Law, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Governance and Global Affairs, Science, Interfacultair Centrum for Global Studies, Humanities, Archaeology, Medicine/LUMC,

International Institute for Asian Studies, African Studies Centre, and Lerarenopleiding, Onderwijsontwikkeling en Nascholing (ICLON). 

A one-year curriculum may be studied for a maximum of 12 months. The maximum study length for a 2-year program is 24 months. 

Deadline: 1 October for programs starting in February, and 1 February for those starting in September.

Access to Scholarships

The recipient of the Leiden University Excellence Scholarship (LexS) receives the following advantages: 

The cost of tuition is €15,000

The cost of tuition is €10,000.

Total tuition less any obligatory fees

Criteria for Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible for a Leiden University Excellence Scholarship (LexS), applicants must fulfill each of the conditions listed below: 

The necessary language is English. 

international students who qualify from non-EU/EEA nations 

Excellent study outcomes from prior academic training that are pertinent to the program in which the student intends to enroll are required. The student will, roughly speaking, be in the top 10% for the pertinent program pursued overseas.

Students must have received top grades in their prior coursework, and that coursework must be pertinent to the Master's degree for which they are applying. The student, for instance, graduated in the top 10 percent of his or her previous study program. It should be highlighted that proving your position in the rankings is not necessary; the information is only offered to show how fierce the competition is. 

The student will not be qualified for study grants or loans under the Dutch "Studiefinanciering" system since they do not hold an EU/EEA passport.

The continuance of the LExS is not assured when a student switches degree programs in the middle of the study program. 

Each request will be examined individually, with the Faculty Selection Committee having final say (s). The LExS scholarship will be canceled and the applicant will need to reapply if the change takes place before the student has registered for the study program. 

Only while the student is registered at Leiden University full-time for the duration of the study program is the LExS valid.

It is not possible to transfer an LExS awarded for the academic year mentioned in the decision letter to a later intake of the same academic year. The LExS will be revoked if a student who has been given an LExS for the September (or February) intake decides to leave the study program. Each request will be examined individually, with the Faculty Selection Committee having final say (s). 

The student is not eligible to obtain any additional full scholarships for the same program, with the exception of partial scholarships, which must be verified in writing beforehand.

In a program that lasts longer than one year, the student must earn a minimum of 60 ECTS during the first year of study in order to keep their LExS for the next academic year. In circumstances where there is any doubt, the Leiden University Selection Committee will decide on the quantity of ECTS standards for satisfactory progress as well as the timing and methodology of progress evaluation. 

A student is allowed to apply for several scholarships at once. However, combining scholarships offered or supported by Leiden University is not permitted. This holds true for the CEU Praesidium Libertatis and Orange Tulip - China scholarship schemes.

A student who is enrolled in a program that lasts more than a year must complete at least 60 ECTS during the first year of study in order to maintain their LExS for the next academic year. The number of ECTS standards for satisfactory progress, as well as the date and technique of progress evaluation, will be determined by the Leiden University Selection Committee in cases where there is any uncertainty. 

A student may submit multiple scholarship applications at once. Combining scholarships provided by Leiden University is not permissible, nevertheless. This is accurate for the Orange Tulip - China and CEU Praesidium Libertatis scholarship programs.

How to Apply for the Excellence Scholarship at Leiden University

To apply for this Leiden University Excellence Scholarship, please follow the instructions below: 

Apply online for a master's program at Leiden University and submit any required application fees. 

In the part of your online application designated for scholarships, indicate that you intend to apply for an LExS. 

Please upload your LExS motivation letter as per the instructions in your online application. You must write a 500-word Word document in which you justify your desire to be given the award. 

Submit your online application, which includes your LExS application, before the LExS application deadline. 

Make sure to indicate in each application that you intend to apply for an LExS for each study program you apply for, and upload an LExS motivation letter.


Visit the official website for additional details on the Leiden University Excellence Scholarships (LexS):

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