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International University of Cyprus

 International University of Cyprus

Available Programs 

Choose a degree: 

BS, MS, and PhD degrees

Master's degree application requirements:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • choose your masters program's concentration
  • Business, Finance & Economics
  • Arts, Design & Music
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Languages, Literature & Education
  • Geography & Agriculture
  • Biology, Health & Medicine
  • Tourism & Hotel Management 

Scholarships and Tuition at Cyprus International University

With 12 faculties, several schools, and a graduate institute of research, Cyprus International University is a cutting-edge private higher education institution with a keen interest in sustainability and development across various spheres. Students can pay tuition on a semester basis in addition to the annual basis.

The cost of education at CIU is among the lowest in Cyprus. University tuition varies depending on the student's program of choice and level. For the duration of their programs at CIU, all foreign students are admitted with a 50% subsidy. 

The university also accepts installment payments on a monthly schedule to help students finish their education without being burdened by money.

Affordable tuition and fees:

The general scholarship plan's annual tuition fee for overseas students ranges from €2,800 to €12,500 depending on the degree they choose. 

CIU offers a "All-Inclusive Package" that costs between approximately € 4500 and € 9000 per year and covers tuition fees, housing, transportation, health insurance, and cafeteria meals, depending on the kind of lodging chosen. 

"All-inclusive packages" are highly well liked by students because they essentially contain everything a student needs for the entire year.

Discounts on tuition and scholarships:

All overseas students are eligible for a 50 percent tuition subsidy on their chosen programs at CIU, as part of the university's ongoing attempts to establish itself as a global center of learning. 

The institution also frequently offers 50%, 75%, and 100% discounts on tuition payments to the majority of students as an added incentive to aspire higher and push boundaries in all academic areas. 

Scholarships for merit

Under the condition that they continue to achieve outstanding grades, students who are enrolled in bachelor programs at the university and have finished at least two semesters are given academic scholarships for the remainder of their programs. Accordingly, the department may decide to offer a partial or full-ride scholarship.

Program for Loyalty Accommodation

For students who choose to reside on campus for the duration of their degrees, or at least for more than a year, the institution offers a loyalty program. As the school year goes on, this program offers discounts on housing costs and dorm fees. For instance, after their second year, students receive a 15 percent discount on university accommodation; from there, it rises by 20 to 30 percent until their fifth year.

Cyprus International University's cost of living

  • 130 to 280 Euros per month for lodging 
  • 50 euros each month 
  • expense of living 
  • 70 euros a month for food 

The University provides transportation services for no cost.

About Cyprus International University

Cyprus International University (CIU) is a modern, international campus with students from over 100 different nations, and it serves as a representation of what Cyprus looks like today. 

CIU, which was founded in 1997, has expanded significantly over the previous 22 years to rank among the leading universities in the area. Over 19,000 students attend the institution, and its academic staff is made up of over 1,000 professors and professionals.

With its distinctive campus and diversified student body and faculty, CIU has everything you might want from a campus university that is focused on the global community and the future. Nearly 130 distinct programs are taught at the highest levels throughout 12 colleges, 8 schools, and 9 research centers. 

It is a cutting-edge institution with all essential extracurricular and academic activities. The university is located in Northern Cyprus's capital, 5 km from Nicosia's downtown, 14 km from Ercan State Airport, and 30 km from Kyrenia or Girne, two coastal towns.

Due to its globally recognized programs, CIU draws students from all over the world, and over the past several years, it has developed into a crucial component of the Northern Cyprus educational system. 

Cyprus International University's integrated modern campus, which allows for both leisure and academic advancement and is cozy for both students and professors, is one of its most striking aspects. Cyprus International University has developed into one of North Cyprus's most prestigious universities in under two decades.

Cyprus International University and RocApply are encouraging international students to apply to any of the programs offered and start the incredible journey that awaits them on campus. 

I sincerely hope you are doing well. This is a friendly reminder to all of our representatives that in order to organize airport pickups for their new students who have received Unconditional Acceptance Letters, they must furnish the CIU Admission Team with the information on their airline tickets. From September through October, there will be airport pickups.

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