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STEM education and growth at Southern Utah University

 Southern Utah University (SUU), an accredited and distinguished institution, assists you in preparing for the future by fostering both academic and extracurricular success. With STEM, kids from all over the world can collaborate to study, develop, and create something amazing. 

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Scholarships are offered

Students are our primary priority, and we have small class sizes with a 19:1 student to teacher ratio. SUU offers a number of scholarships for overseas students in order to assist more students in achieving their educational objectives. There isn't a separate scholarship application; if you apply today, your admission and scholarship application will both be taken into consideration. 

Available Bursaries

  • International Founders' Scholarships: $4,500 per year in awards 
  • International Deans' Scholarships: $6,000 per year in awards 
  • Centurion International Scholarships: $3,000 for four years.

Entry Requirements 

You can get started quickly and effortlessly thanks to our shortened admissions procedure. requirements consist of:

High School Transcripts

English Proficiency

Copy of Photo ID 

Why Attend SUU for STEM?

The STEM programs at SUU are diverse and will aid any student in advancing toward their objectives. Brief descriptions of each of Southern Utah University's four STEM entities are provided below. 


Degree programs in biological, chemical, physical, and geological sciences are available through the College of Science. Our pre-professional programs prepare future high school science instructors for the classroom as well as future students for veterinary, pharmacy, medical, and other professional schools. Innovation, excellence, and a focus on practical experiences are all hallmarks of the College of Sciences. There will be opportunities for you to interact with your professors outside of the classroom. Additionally, our scientific students have the opportunity to plan and carry out research projects as well as discuss the findings at regional and international conferences. Even so, the college will let you apply for your own research funds.

Both Engineering And Technology

With ABET approved programs in engineering and engineering technology, the Department of Engineering and Technology provides a learning-centered atmosphere. Additionally, the Department gives students the chance to gain a wide variety of academic skills in the program subject of construction management. Engineering, technology, and construction management undergraduate academic programs are offered by the department.


The mathematics department is dedicated to assisting staff and students in broadening their understanding of mathematics, its uses, and its pedagogy. Through creative, high-quality educational experiences in general education courses, service courses, and major courses, our faculty is committed to fostering student learning. We give students the chance to hone their analytical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and logical reasoning abilities in a challenging yet encouraging learning environment. While pursuing their academic objectives, students can improve academically, professionally, and personally with the aid of our curriculum.

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