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American Clark Art Institute Fellowship 2023–2024 (Fully Funded)

International students from all around the world who intend to pursue postdoctoral research at The Clark Art Institute USA for the academic year 2023–2024 may apply for Clark Fellowships. Each year, Clark offers between eleven and sixteen scholarships, the majority of which are for a single academic semester and lasting one to ten months.

International scholars, critics, curators, and museum professionals are asked to suggest activities that broaden and enhance knowledge of the visual arts and its value to culture. The Institute blends a public art gallery with a sophisticated array of academic and research pursuits, as well as a sizable library of art historical works. The discussion of the origins and nature of art takes place at Clark and around the world. 

Research Summary 

Postdoctoral Study Level Clark Art Institute Host Institution(s) 

Country: United States 

Opportunity History is a target area. 

Visual tradition. 



Program Ranges from one to 10 months in length. 

October 15, 2022 deadline

Financial Protection 

The maximum payment for a Clark Art Institute Fellowship every semester is $30,000 and is dependent on need and income.

The Internal Revenue Service's tax regulations will be followed for determining each Fellow's tax liability to the US government. The scholar's travel expenses to and from the Clark will be covered, as well as those of any accompanying family members

Across from the Clark campus, in a late-19th-century mansion that has recently undergone renovation and expansion, fellows are frequently granted apartments. There are six one- or two-bedroom apartments available, along with various common areas..  

Each apartment has a full set of furnishings and is wired onto the Clark University network. With the exception of long-distance phone service, The Clark will offer housing and services. Pets are not permitted in the Scholars' Residence. Smoking is not permitted inside any Clark structure. 

From 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., fellows have access to a private office in the Manton Research Center (early closing times on weekends). Computer and IT assistance will be provided upon request. 

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Criteria for Fellowships at the Clark Art Institute 

Those who wish to apply for the Clark Art Institute Fellowship must fulfill the following criteria:

  • The necessary language is English. 
  • Every nation on earth is qualified. 
  • They might have backgrounds in academics, museums, or other fields of expertise. 
  • Candidates must have a PhD or equivalent work experience. 
  • They could be employed full- or part-time, or they could work as independent scholars, curators, or critics. 
  • Outstanding writing skills. 
  • Excellent research skills: independent empirical research experience; qualitative research knowledge (doing interviews; qualitative analysis); and, ideally, quantitative research experience

How to Apply for a Fellowship at the Clark Art Institute 

Please take the following actions to apply for this fellowship: 
Fill out the form completely. 
A 500-character description of your intended project should be uploaded. 
Your referees must send a one-page letter to research@clarkart.edu, so make a list of them. 
After clicking the "submit" button, please email the following requirements to research@clarkart.edu. 
CV: a curriculum vitae (pdf; 3 double-spaced pages or fewer). 
3 double-spaced pages or fewer of a statement in English describing the fundamental presumptions and principles guiding your activity It is crucial to place the project within the context of prior research, to draw attention to any innovative or unusual aspects of the subject or the methodology, and to discuss why the discipline calls for this specific study.

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