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Doctoral Scholarships through the New Zealand Global Research Alliance in 2022–2023 (NZGRADS)

 Concerning the Doctoral Scholarships through the New Zealand Global Research Alliance for 2022–2023 (NZGRADS) 

A doctoral scholarship program called NZ-GRADS gives science students from underdeveloped nations the chance to pursue their PhDs at a New Zealand university.

For this unique cycle of NZ-GRADS, four PhD projects have been established, all of which are in line with New Zealand's aims for reducing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions. 

One of the four eligible PhD projects must be selected. 

1. Analyzing soil carbon changes brought on by changes in land use and management. 

2. Long-term effects of soil phosphorus fertilizer on soil nitrogen cycling and greenhouse gas emissions. 

3. The influence of plant and plant/microbiome traits on soil N2O emissions 

Farms that are climate-neutral (ClieNFarms). 

The Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA) offers a variety of capability building and research activities through its numerous partners in New Zealand and other countries.

The GRA will actively support NZ-GRADS recipients through a variety of networking and extension events held in New Zealand. 

The government-funded scholarship known as the NZ-GRADS is managed by Education New Zealand. Up to three years' worth of living and tuition costs are covered by the scholarship. 

For chosen candidates, admission to the NZ-GRADS program is contingent upon: 

Successful candidates must apply to and be admitted to a PhD program at the university linked to the PhD research of their choice.

Scholarship Value and Financial Coverage 

For a total of three years (36 months), the following are covered by the scholarship: 

  • At New Zealand University, annual tuition costs and related student levies can reach a maximum of $10,000 NZD. 
  • a $28,000 NZD yearly living allowance (tax free) 
  • Up to $700 NZD worth of medical insurance coverage per year 
  • The maximum visa application fee is $1,000. 
  • Getting round-trip tickets to New Zealand for no more than $6,000 
  • A maximum $1,500 book and thesis preparation budget (one-off) 

Benefits of Doctoral Scholarships from the New Zealand Global Research Alliance (NZGRADS)

Families are welcome to live with you in New Zealand: 

  • Your spouse or partner will be eligible to apply for an open work visa during the course of your education. 
  • You will be able to register your kids in the free public schools in New Zealand as domestic pupils. 
  • You will attend a renowned university or research facility in New Zealand to pursue your education. 
  • To actively assist you, a number of networking and extension events will be organized in New Zealand. 
  • Because PhD students in New Zealand often have unrestricted work privileges, you could be able to work in addition to your studies.
  • Because New Zealand is a highly friendly nation with procedures in place to help you and your family settle in, you will be assisted when you arrive. Find out more about the ways that New Zealand's communities can help. 
  • New Zealand will let you reside there! The calm pace of living, unmatched outdoor lifestyle, and superb work/life balance are well-known characteristics of New Zealand. We put in a lot of effort, but we also find time for our loved ones, friends, and resting in our lovely surroundings. 

Qualifications for Doctoral Scholarships from the New Zealand Global Research Alliance (NZGRADS)

The following requirements must be met in full: 
You must conduct your PhD research in New Zealand (not from a distance) 
In Australia or New Zealand, you are ineligible for citizenship or permanent residence. 
You must be an individual from a developing nation. You can get the most recent categories here. 
There is only one project that is now accepting applications. 
The New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries is responsible for funding the scholarship. 

Required Documents/Information: 

All attachments must be posted in the application portal as PDF files only in order to guarantee that the application documents are processed fast and without issue. 

You must upload these files in order to complete this application:
Proof of citizenship for each nation in which you reside 
meet the university's standards for admission to the PhD program. 
Academic records, grading rubrics, and certificates of completion 
Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a one-page letter of motivation detailing your qualifications for the project you've chosen. 
Two academic recommendations must also be listed along with their names and email addresses in your references. 

Applications Deadlines Doctoral Scholarships from the New Zealand Global Research Alliance (NZGRADS):

By September 30 at 11:59 p.m. New Zealand time, applications must be completed and submitted exclusively online through the Education New Zealand application portal. 

Application Procedure for NZGRADS Scholarships 
Ready to apply, are you? 

Please use the Education New Zealand online application portal to submit your application. 

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