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(International Students) Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program | France | 2023–2024

Maintain your studies in France's capital. Wonderful news! Applications are now being accepted for the international students' Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program (2023–2024). This article will go into great detail about this scholarship, its advantages, and how to apply. 

The goal of this scholarship program is to draw international students to France for their studies. For 12-36 months of Master's level coursework, the Eiffel Excellence scholarship program for overseas students offers a €1,181 monthly stipend. For up to 12 months, the Eiffel fellowship offers a €1,700 monthly reimbursement for PhD-level research.

The French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs created the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program to help French higher education institutions draw top international applicants to their master's and PhD programs. 

Future foreign decision-makers in the corporate and public sectors have chances thanks to the Eiffel Scholarship Program, which also promotes young people from developing nations to study master's degrees and PhDs under the age of 30 from both developing and industrialized nations.


  • Study Level: PhD and Masters 
  • Organizing Body(ies): University of Eiffel 
  • France is the study country. 
  • Scholarship Target Areas: Available to all overseas students. 
  • French government sponsors the award 
  • Type Scholarship: Program with Insufficient Funding 12- to 36-month master's degree programs 
  • for PhD students, one year 
  • November/December 2022 deadline


The recipients of the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship program gain the following advantages: 
  • €1,181 monthly stipend for Masters students 
  • €1,700 per month as a scholarship for PhD studies 
  • A variety of other costs are also covered by the program, including as international flights, French train travel, local transportation, health insurance, and cultural activities. 
  • Under certain conditions, scholarship recipients may also be eligible for an additional housing allowance.


Application requirements for the Eiffel Scholarship Program for International Students must include the following:

  1. Nationality: This program only accepts applicants who are not French nationals. If a candidate has two passports and one of them is French, they are not qualified. 
  2. Age: Candidates for the master's level must be 25 years of age or younger as of the 2023 application campaign and born after March 31, 1997. At the time of application in 2023, candidates for the PhD level must be at least 30 years old and have been born after March 31, 1992. 
  3. study methods: The Eiffel Program offers scholarships to those who wish to pursue master's or doctoral studies in France (including at a school of engineering). Only programs that have the support of the French government are accepted.
  4. Only applications from French educational institutions will be taken into consideration. These institutions of higher learning consent to enroll scholarship recipients in the chosen course. Any other method of application submission will result in rejection. 
  5. Scholarship disputes: Even if the prior scholarship only offered health insurance, applications from students who had already received one other French government scholarship at the time of application will be rejected.
  6. Master's Component: Even if it is filed by a new institution or in a different field of study, an application that names a student who has previously been disqualified from a competition will not be accepted. A student is not eligible to receive another Eiffel master's scholarship if they have already received one. 
  7. Institutions may suggest a candidate for a doctoral scholarship if they have already received a master's scholarship. Candidates who have received a doctoral fellowship in the past are not allowed to do so again. Applications that suggest a candidate who has already been disqualified from a competition will be rejected, regardless of whether they are submitted by a new institution or in a different subject area.
  8. Language proficiency: Institutions must ensure that non-French speakers' language abilities meet the requirements of the academic program when preselecting non-French speakers. 
  9. The location: Candidates for the Master's level who are currently enrolled at a French university are ineligible. Students enrolled in PhD programs abroad are given preference over French students at this level.

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Applications from direct students are not accepted. Applications for the Eiffel Scholarship are submitted by French higher education institutions. 

To be considered, you must fill out an application for the scholarship and adhere to the requirements of the French higher education institution. 

We will not accept direct applications from students or overseas institutions. Early November or December 2022 will mark the deadline for applications from participating French institutions. The deadline for the Campus France Eiffel application is January 7, 2023. 

Please follow the instructions below to apply for the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program: 

Apply online by visiting the official website.

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