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The Top 14 Scholarships for Foreign Students in Japan


When it comes to technology and education, Japan is one of the most forward-thinking nations. Because of this, the nation is always drawing in foreign students from all around the world. Higher education institutions can be classified into one of five types. They consist of junior colleges, professional training colleges, graduate schools, colleges of technology, and undergraduate institutions. Both local and distant students may attend any of these educational establishments.

Most colleges in Japan charge tuition rates that are significantly less than those seen in other industrialized nations like the United Kingdom. There are numerous scholarships and tuition assistance programs, which further reduces the cost. Are you interested in studying in Japan but unable to pay the tuition? The most sought-after scholarships in Japan are listed here.

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Best Awards for International Students in Japan

MEXT Scholarships, first

Link to Scholarship Amount of the Scholarship: Full Tuition, Housing, and Allowances 
Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD are acceptable degrees. 
The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology of Japan administers the MEXT scholarship, which is a fully financed scholarship in Japan. This yearly financial aid is intended to assist overseas students who are having trouble meeting the costs of their chosen program. It is accessible to any Japanese university's undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in advancing their studies. 

The application process is normally announced by the relevant body in April of each year. Then, you must adhere to the instructions listed on the scholarship's official website.
It is important to note that there are various MEXT scholarships, with the Young Leaders Program and the Japanese Government Scholarship being the most well-known.

2. Scholarships offered by Japan Educational Exchange and Services (JEES)

Scholarship Source Award Amount: School Fee 
Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. degrees are acceptable.
International students can choose from a variety of JEES scholarships in Japan, depending on their subject of study or place of origin. Students pursuing degrees at all academic levels, from junior colleges to doctorates, are eligible for the scholarships. The courses are offered in association with private organizations that support learners in different professions. 

Your eligibility will determine which of the five JEES scholarship categories you can apply for. The promotion of learning Japanese as a second language and nationality- and school-specific initiatives are among the most well-liked ones. Other scholarships are subject- and field-specific offerings.
On the page of the official website, you may view each one and choose the one that is best for you.

3. Japanese Government Scholarship at Waseda University

Scholarship amount: Room and board and tuition 
Masters and PhD degrees are acceptable. 
The International Priority Graduate Program is supported and improved by a number of Japanese government-selected institutions (PGP). One of those universities is Waseda University, which gives every international applicant for a graduate program the opportunity to apply for the scholarship program, a component of the MEXT financial aid schemes.
Students are evaluated by the Graduate School of Information, Production, and Systems (IPS). Anyone who submits an application to IPS Waseda will be evaluated, and if they pass the test, the Japanese government will be notified of their status. The award will subsequently be given to the chosen students—typically six—in accordance with the government's goals and policies. For additional details on this scholarship in Japan for overseas students, be sure to visit the official Scholarship 

4. Japan Foundation of UNU

Waived tuition fees and up to $1100 in allowances are included in the scholarship. 
Ph.D. is the required degree. 
Are you thinking about going to graduate school for sustainability science? You have the opportunity to do so in Japan as an international student because the Japan Foundation of UNU will cover all of your tuition costs (JFUNU). You are automatically considered a contender for this non-application prize when you submit your initial application for the course. If you are chosen as a recipient, in addition to the tuition fee waiver, you will also earn monthly allowances totaling $145,000.
You must first be from a developing nation in order to be eligible for this scholarship in Japan. The JFUNU grants are primarily intended for students from these countries who are having difficulty meeting the financial requirements of their chosen programs. However, if you are enrolled in the same institution for a second Ph.D., you are not eligible.

5. KUAS Undergraduate Award

Scholarship Amount: Full and partial tuition fee waiver 
a bachelor's degree is required. 
For its undergraduate students, the Kyoto University of Advanced Science also provides institution-based scholarship programs. The university offers KUAS-E and Super KUAS-E scholarships, which are the two primary categories of scholarship programs. Those who qualify for the former receive admission and tuition cost discounts that can range from 100% to 50% to 30%, depending on their academic standing. Those who meet the requirements for the Super KUAS-E scholarship will not be required to pay tuition or entry fees. The pupils also receive $110,000 year for maintenance.
It's also important to note that applicants for this Japan grant for international students must enroll in the engineering faculty. Given that your qualification will be determined using all of your academic records, your performance must also meet the minimal standards. If you are chosen, the appropriate body will contact you with further instructions. Do you wish to find out more? Remember to check out the official scholarship page for all the details you require.

6. Scholarship for Yokohama National University

Link to Scholarship 
Amount of the Scholarship: around 120,000 yen for undergraduate study and just under 150,000 yen for graduate study 
Undergraduate, Master's, and PhD degrees are eligible. 
In Yokohama, Japan, there is a private institution called Yokohama National University. A junior college was established in 1949, and a national university was established in 1951. Through its 13 colleges and schools, it provides doctorate, master's, and bachelor's degrees.
You must submit an application form along with your résumé and academic transcript in order to be considered for this Japan scholarship. Additionally, you must have a high school diploma or an equivalent and obtain a score on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test of at least 80. (JLPT).

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7. University of Tokyo ADB Japan Government Scholarship

 Monthly stipend in addition to full tuition 
Master's degree is required. 
Students of Asian descent who intend to enroll in the University of Tokyo's programs in engineering, economics, law, or finance may apply for the ADB Japan Government Scholarship, which is provided by the Asia Development Bank (ADB). It is available to all students and can be utilized to get a Master's degree, especially those from poor nations. It will pay for both the monthly stipend and tuition.

In addition, applicants must be under 40 years old at the time of allocation, have a GPA of 3.5 to 4.5, earn an undergraduate degree with honors, and speak English effectively. Additionally, they shouldn't have another scholarship that pays for tuition or other costs. 

Although the application process is lengthy, it can be completed online. The online application form, which asks for personal information, academic background, and contact information, should be filled out first.
Along with your application, you will need to provide documentation of your financial situation and a cover letter explaining why you want to attend the University of Tokyo. Applicants will be required to participate in an interview when this round is over.

8.Scholarship from Hokkaido University

Monthly stipend in addition to full tuition 
Undergraduate, Master's, and PhD degrees are eligible. 
In Sapporo, Japan, there is a public research university called Hokkaido University. One of the first colleges in Japan, it was founded in 1876 by the administration of the former Hokkaido Prefecture. The university contains ten faculties that offer undergraduate degrees and thirteen graduate schools that offer PhD degrees, including schools of medicine and law. There are more than 35,000 students enrolling there each year.

For students from other countries who want to attend the university, scholarships are available. It pays for housing costs as well as living costs, including tuition. Students from all around the world are eligible for this award, although students from developing nations are given priority. With the option to extend for another year, it is offered for two years.

9. Scholarship from Ritsumeikan University 

Link to Scholarship Monthly stipend in addition to full tuition 
Undergraduate, Master's, and PhD degrees are eligible. 
In order to entice overseas students to enroll in their college, Ritsumeikan University offers the Ritsumeikan University Scholarship program.
For almost a century, the university has offered top-notch education. Dr. Nitobe Inazo, Japan's first prime minister, founded it in 1869. Alumni from the university make up the majority of those who have won Nobel Prizes and Oscars globally. 

This Japanese scholarship program is intended for students who want to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees at Ritsumeikan University. It pays for students tuition, housing costs, monthly allowance, and other study-related expenses.

10. Scholarship for Asia Pacific Universities Japan

Link to Scholarship Monthly stipend in addition to full tuition 
Undergraduate, Master's, and PhD degrees are eligible. 
Leading private institution Asia Pacific University is situated in Tokyo, Japan. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology has approved it as the first institution in the nation to provide courses in a foreign language (MEXT). It serves students from all over the world by providing undergraduate, graduate, and short-term courses as a top private university in Japan.

For students who are studying in Japan, there is a program called the Asia Pacific University Scholarship Japan. It includes all tuition fees, living expenditures, insurance premiums, and textbook charges. 

Particularly candidates from underdeveloped nations are welcome. 
To submit an application for the scholarship, you must do it online. 

Additionally needed are two recommendation letters. Additionally, you must compose a statement outlining your reasons for wanting to attend APU and how it differs from other universities in Japan and abroad.
The letter should be provided as an attachment to an email and should not exceed one page in length.

11. Japan Scholarship for Tokyo Institute of Technology

Scholarship Link 148,000 yen awarded as a scholarship 
Masters and Doctoral degrees are acceptable. 
In Koganei, Tokyo, Japan, the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) is a public research university. As Japan's first national engineering school, it was founded in 1881. There are about 4,500 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs throughout its seven faculties. 

International students can apply for scholarships through the university's new Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan Scholarship program. It is intended to assist students with stellar academic records who are enthusiastic about studying in Japan.

It aspires to assist gifted kids all around the world realize their potential, give back to society, and develop into leaders on a global scale.
This Japan scholarship includes tuition, health insurance, housing, and daily living costs. Before obtaining their scholarships, new students at the university must take part in an orientation session.

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12. Co-Financing from the World Bank and Japan

Link to Scholarship Award Amount: Full Tuition 
Master's degree is required. 
Outstanding students from poor nations can apply for scholarships offered in partnership by the World Bank and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC). The Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship is available to students from all social science and humanities disciplines who are pursuing careers in development studies or other fields. Its goal is to foster global understanding and exchange.

The applicants must be citizens of developing nations who are studying full-time in graduate studies at a Japanese university. Additionally, they must have leadership potential through extracurricular activities or employment history and have an exceptional academic record with a GPA of at least 3.5/4.0 or comparable.

13. Program for Amgen Scholars at the University of Tokyo

Link to Scholarship Award Amount: Full Tuition 
Undergraduate degree is required. 
Students interested in careers in biomedicine can gain research experience through the Amgen Scholars Program. It is made to give students the possibility to collaborate with some of the top scientists and researchers in Japan and to view the area of biomedicine from a fresh angle.

The short- and long-term research projects included in this fellowship in Japan give students the chance to develop crucial abilities and expertise in a range of biomedical domains. The University of Tokyo Amgen Scholars Program is a fantastic chance for students who desire to develop their knowledge, experience, and practical abilities. They investigate a potential area of interest for their future professions at the same time.

14. The Rotary Yoneyama Award

awarded as a scholarship. 
Undergraduate, Master's, and PhD degrees are eligible. 
Students from nations without Rotary Clubs or from nations where Rotary Clubs lack the capacity to offer financial aid can apply for scholarships through the Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship Japan. The scholarship intends to make it possible for young people who are dedicated to improving their communities via volunteerism and leadership in the community to continue their education at one of the partner universities in Japan.

Rotary International established this scholarship in honor of Dr. John W. Yoneyama, who was born in Japan but was reared in Hawaii by adoptive parents. Dr. Yoneyama, who died in 2002 at age 61, had a distinguished career as an educator and administrator in Hawaii and California before becoming executive director of Rotary International’s Vocational Service Division. He also served on several national commissions on education policy and vocational education.
I sincerely hope that my post on scholarships in Japan proved useful. Please visit the Japan Scholarships Page if you're interested! Visit the Available Courses for International Students page for additional information on studying abroad.

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