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Fellowship in Ideas at Harrison Middleton University for 2023–2024

 Fellowship in Ideas at Harrison Middleton University for 2023–2024

International students from all over the world who want to study at Harrison Middleton University USA are eligible for the Harrison Middleton University Fellowship in Ideas. A recent university graduate interested in the humanities, interdisciplinary interaction, and intellectual and professional growth is the target audience for the HMU Fellowship in Ideas, a writing and discussion initiative. 

The Fellowship offers networking opportunities for academics, lifelong learners, readers, and thinkers from a wide range of fields, as well as credited authorship in two university journals. It also introduces young scholars to ideas from the history of Western civilization. All duties associated with the HMU Fellowship in Ideas, with the exception of conference attendance, can be carried out from any location with reliable phone and internet connectivity.


  • Fellowship Program: Non-Degree Level of Study 
  • Harrison Middleton University is one of the host institutions. 
  • Arizona, USA, is the study nation. 
  • Opportunity Humanities, interdisciplinary conversation, and intellectual and professional growth are the focus areas 
  • Program Timeframe: 9 months 
  • the first day of November 2022


The recipient of the Harrison Middleton University Fellowship in Ideas receives the following advantages: 

  • There is a $500 stipend offered. 
  • the chance to take part in online Socratic debates with academic staff. 
  • HMU Blog and the online journal HMU: Dialogues. 
  • After the conclusion of the Fellowship term, a free library of five Great Books Foundation volumes.


The following qualifications must be satisfied by applicants for the Harrison Middleton University Fellowship in Ideas: 

  • The necessary language is English. 
  • Every nation on earth is qualified. 
  • an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree (in any field). 
  • possess a passion for the humanities and the lofty ideals of Western civilisation. 
  • possess outstanding communication, reading, and writing abilities. 

Publish two blog posts for the HMU Blog and one book review for HMU: Dialogues based on a Great Books Foundation novel that has not yet been chosen.

How to submit an application for the Ideas Fellowship at Harrison Middleton University 

To apply for this fellowship, please follow the instructions below: 

(1) Complete the online application accessible here. 

(2) Produce the subsequent paperwork: 

a 500-word biographical essay in which you discuss your educational history, passion for the humanities, and desire to apply for the HMU Fellowship in Ideas. 

1500 word properly referenced explanatory essay. 

Additionally, include a works cited page that demonstrates your interest in a noteworthy humanities concept connected to one of the following concentrations: imaginative literature, natural science, philosophy and religion, or social science. 

(3) Email information@hmu.edu with your application and writing examples attached as Microsoft Word-compatible documents.


Visit the official website to find out more about the humanities fellowship opportunity at Harrison Middleton University in the United States: 

Official Website

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