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Scholarships from Qatar Airways for the year 2022.

 Scholarships from Qatar Airways for the year 2022.

The news is good! Applications are being accepted for the Qatar Airways National Scholarship Program right now.

In this essay, we'll walk you through the specifics of this scholarship program, its benefits, and the application procedure step by step. 

Additional Scholarships:

A fully funded scholarship program for Qataris, the Qatar Airways National Scholarship Program 2022 (or Qatari mother). Students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees are eligible for this grant. This program offers global internship opportunities with Qatar Airways Group as well as a monthly stipend. 

Greetings from the realm of lofty aspirations. To add to its award-winning team of professionals, which includes everyone from seasoned pilots to vivacious executives, Qatar Airways is looking for extraordinary individuals.
As part of Qatar Airways' commitment to nationalization, the company offers an inspiring National University Studies Scholarship Program to help Qatari students pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees at universities in the State of Qatar or abroad. There are 23 different degree programs offered by Qatar Airways, ranging from business to media to aviation management. 

Research Summary 

Undergraduate, Master's, and PhD Levels of Study Institution(s): Various Universities 
Study in: A variety of countries, as listed by the universities above 
Opportunities to Focus on: List is below. 
Undergraduate programs last four years, graduate programs last two years, and PhD programs last three years.

courses available 

  • Accounting 
  • Studies in business and management 
  • Economics\Finance 
  • Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain, and Logistics 
  • Management of tourism and hospitality 
  • Mathematics\Statistics 
  • Operational Research\Aviation Management 
  • Management of Airports and Airlines 
  • Worldwide Relations 
  • Journalism in political science 
  • Communications and media analysis 
  • Public Affairs 
  • Aeronautical and space engineering 
  • Engineering in Electrical 
  • Computer Engineering 
  • Automotive Engineering 
  • Engineering for robotics and mechatronics 
  • Applied Computer Science 
  • Engineering, Civil 
  • Engineering in Industry 
  • Law Information Technology Fashion Design Graphic Design Interior Design 
  • Nutrition Food Science Computer Science

Scholarship Protection 

The following advantages are offered by the Qatar Airways National Scholarship Program to the recipient: 
  • a monthly salary. 
  • Opportunities for development and learning through various training programs. 
  • Internship opportunities around the world at Qatar Airways Group. 
  • Academic recognition given annually to deserving pupils.

Qatar Airways National Scholarship Program Requirements 
To be eligible for the Qatar Airways National Scholarship Program, you must meet the requirements listed below: 

  • either Qatari or have a mother who is Qatari. 
  • must be at least 18 years old and have their degree in hand by the time they turn 29. 
  • Secondary School Education Certificate with a grade point average of 80% or better in accordance with the Ministry of Education & Higher Education scale. 
  • IELTS for Qatari: A total score of 5.5 or higher, with a minimum of 5 in each section. 
  • ELTS for Qatari Mother: 6.0 or above overall, with a minimum score of 5.5 in each section. 
  • Pass the Qatar Airways interview. 
  • Currently available letter of unconditional acceptance from a college recognized by Qatar's Ministry of Education & Higher Education.
  • Students who have completed high school are required to perform National Service. The student who receives a letter of verified acceptance from one of the colleges listed in the Higher Education Emiri Scholarship program, however, will be exempt. For a list, go here.

How to Apply for the National Scholarship Program of Qatar Airways? 

To apply for the Qatar Airways National Scholarship Program, please complete these steps: 

  • Sign up here
  • Publish the following files: 
  • Resume or CV Copy of Passport Copy of English Proficiency Level Copy of Highest Educational Certificate Copy of National Service Clearance 
  • a copy of the university offer 
Apply now 
Visit the official website to learn more about the Qatar Airways National Scholarship Program.

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