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Scholarship for La Trobe University in 2023–2024 (Australia)

 Keep going to school in Australia. Wonderful news! Applications for the La Trobe University Scholarship for 2023–2024 are now being accepted. This article will go into great detail about this scholarship program, its advantages, and how to apply.

International students can apply for La Trobe University Scholarships 2023–2024, which are partially financed. These scholarships are available for programs leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees. The scholarships are scarce and entitle recipients to annual tuition discounts of 15%, 20%, or 25% for the duration of their studies.

Academic excellence is valued highly when awarding scholarships at La Trobe University. If you are a motivated overseas student who is considering applying for an undergraduate or graduate program that charges full tuition, Your application will be examined to see if you qualify for a scholarship during the time you want to attend La Trobe.


Undergraduate and graduate levels of study

La Trobe University is the host institution.

Australian federation

Scholarship See the list of target areas below.

Undergraduate programs last four years. For a master's, three years.

the year 2023 December 31


Courses for Undergraduates

degree in accounting

degree in archaeology

Agricultural Sciences Bachelor's

Animal and veterinary biosciences bachelor's degree

degree in the arts

Honors Bachelor of Arts

dual-degree program in health sciences and arts biology bachelor's degree

Biomedical science bachelor's degree 

Honors Bachelor of Biomedical Science 

degree in biomedicine 

degree in Business es

degree in business (Accounting

degree in business (Accounting and Finance

degree in business (Agribusiness

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Busines

Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Busines

degree in business (Event Management

Business Bachelor's (Event Management/Marketing

degree in business (Human Resource Management

degree in business (Marketing

degree in business (Sport Development and Management

degree in business (Sport Management

degree in business (Tourism and Hospitality

Analytics for Business Bachelor'

Business Information Systems Bachelor's degree 

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil (Honors

Bachelor of Business 

Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences/Bachelor of Commerces 

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerces)

Bachelor of Science in Business and Biomedicine

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or Business

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and Business

Bachelor of International Relations/Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Science in Psychology/Bachelor of Science in Business

Bachelor of Science and/or Bachelor of Commerce

Computer science bachelor's degree

degree in creative arts

Honors Bachelor of Creative Arts

degree in criminology

Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Criminology

dual-degree program in criminology and psychological science

degree in criminology (Honors)

degree in cyber security 

Digital Business Bachelor's degree

Early Childhood and Primary Education Bachelor's degree

degree in education (Primary)

degree in education (Secondary)

master's degree in educational studies

Electrical and electronic engineering bachelor's degree (Honors)

Honors Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial)

degree in finance

Information Technology Bachelor's (Honors)

International Business Bachelor's

International Relations Bachelor's degree media and communication bachelor's degree

Outdoor Education Bachelor's degree 

Bachelor of Education in Outdoor Recreation 

Ph.D. in pharmacy (Honors

Bachelor's degree in outdoor education and healthy 

Bachelor of Philosophy, Economics, and Politic

Bachelor of Science in Psychology 

degree in science 

degree in science (Honors

degree in science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Bachelor of Science in Sports and Exercise 

Urban, rural, and environmental planning bachelor's degree 

degree in art

degree in Business see)

Master's Programs

Master's Degree in Archaeology

Certificate of Advanced Study in Community Planning and Development

Information Systems Management Graduate Certificate

Certificate of Advanced Study in International Development

Certificate of Advanced Study in International Relations

Master's Degree in Professional Archaeology

Strategic Communication Graduate Certificate

Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Graduate Diploma

Master's degree in business analytics

Master's degree in communication (Journalism Innovation)

Graduate Certificate in Community Development and Planning

Information Systems Management Graduate Degree

Diploma of Advanced Study in International Development

International Relations Graduate Diploma

Advanced Professional Archaeology Diploma

Strategic Communication Graduate Diploma Juris Doctor Master of Accounting and Financial Management

Master of Artificial Intelligence and Applied Linguistics

Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Master's

Biotechnology Management Master's

Business Administration Master's

Business Administration Master's (Advanced)

Graduate degrees in both business administration and health administration

Business Analytics Master's

master's degree in business information systems

Chemical Sciences Master's

Proficiency in Communication (Journalism Innovation)

planning and development master's degree

Computer science master's

Master of Engineering and Construction Management

Cybersecurity Master's (Business Operation)

Cybersecurity Master's (Computer Science)

Cybersecurity Master's (Law)

Data science master's

Digital Health Master's

Digital Marketing Communications Master's

degree in education

Education Leadership and Management Master's

Engineering Master's (Electronics)

Engineering Master's (Civil)

Engineering Management Master's

Engineering Master's (Manufacturing)

Financial Analysis Master's

Financial Analysis Master's (Financial Risk Management)

Financial Analysis Master's (Investment)

Master of Business Administration and Master of Financial Analysis

Attorney at Law

Law and entrepreneurship master's degree

Management Master's

Management Master's (Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

Management Master's (Human Resource Management)

Management Master's (Project Management)

Management Master's (Sport Management)

Management Master's (Supply Chain and Logistics)

Marketing Master's

Master of Science in Nursing

master's degree in accounting

master's degree in accounting (Business Analytics)

master's degree in accounting (Information Systems Management)

Professional Archaeology Master's

Public health master's degree

Masters in Health Administration and Public Health

Sports analytics master's

Strategic Communication Master's

Teacher Master's (Primary)

Teacher Master's (Secondary)

master's degree in educating English-speaking foreign language speakers (TESOL)

Master of Network and Telecommunications EngineeringLA TROBE UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP 2023–2024 FINANCIAL COVERAGE

The recipient of a La Trobe University scholarship receives the following advantages

Up to 25% of the program's tuition can be covered by the scholarshi

Based on WAM and total course eligibility, the percentage obtained is calculated. The offer letter will mention the scholarship.p.

A WAM, or weighted average mark, takes your completed subjects' credit point value into account. It is determined by averaging all of the course assignments that you have finished up to this point.


You must fulfill the following criteria in order to be eligible for La Trobe University Scholarships:

The necessary language is English.

eligible nations To qualify, you must be a citizen of a nation other than Australia or New Zealand.

is not presently enrolled in a course at La Trobe University.

Standards for academic and English language entrance must be met.

You must pay all of your tuition.

For the 2023–2024 intakes, submit a new foreign student application.

To enroll in an undergraduate or graduate coursework program, submit an application to any La Trobe campus.

meet the prerequisites for the course and earn a weighted average mark (WAM) of at least 55%. (Australian Equivalency).


submit an application for an acceptable course.

Complete your online application and submit it.

Your course application will be examined, and the Scholarship Team will inform you if you have been awarded a La Trobe Excellence Scholarship, providing your chosen programme is eligible for the scholarship and you meet the admission conditions.

It is imperative that you complete any requirements in your offer (if applicable) and accept your scholarship as soon as you get your scholarship award letter (by email).

Please send an email to LTIRecruitment@latrobe.edu.au for more details.


Visit the official website for La Trobe University Scholarships for further details:

Official Website

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